Mission Statement

To encourage Rossmoor Seniors (and all band members) to individually practice and as a group, and rehears Big Band (Jazz) Music in a team setting.

To work with the Band to comfortably raise and maintain a level of musicianship that allows the Band to share the music and sounds of the Big Band Era.

To provide a reasonable platform in which Band members can continue to conformably enjoy the Band rehearsals while improving musically.

To promote a positive atmosphere for ALL the members to progress together.

To Maintain in PERFORMANCE READY STATUS” at least 60 musical charts.

To schedule performances with or for worthy clubs, schools and churches and assist these organizations with their own community events.

To encourage our senior musicians to be ambassadors of the message “Music Can Be With You Your Entire Life.”  Thus, our Band members are encouraged to support and promote music and music education as a vital discipline in our community, churches and schools.

To promote music as vital disciple in life where team work, hard work, pride fun and play all converge and enrich the lives of our members and the community.